Work and play

Despite having finished my exams two weeks ago, I’ve only been at home for three full days since then!

Last week I went out with dad for a bit of surveying – taking levels for a new ramp to be put in.

Reading the levels
Reading the levels

I also went holiday shopping with mum which saw FatFace benefit greatly!

The rest of my time has been spent in Cheshire, or somewhere in between.  Last week’s Friday traffic was appalling and made what is usually an easy three hour drive into five and a half hours of slow moving motorways.  The Friday evening was a friend’s 21st which was a fantastic night – and I did make it just in time!

Of course I had to go and visit my friend Rebecca’s chicks (I posted some pictures in a blog a couple of weeks ago) and they are ADORABLE.

chick 2 chick 1

This week I also went to the Cheshire Show which was a great couple of day. Of course we had to look at all of the various livestock, a few tractors and chat to a seed merchant, but I also managed to get some time to watch the side saddle showing and the showjumping!

On the Wednesday it’s the Young Farmers’ Clubs’ float day, so each YFC in Cheshire (there are ten of them) builds a float on a variation on a theme.  This year’s theme was fairytales so our float was Aladdin.  We all had to dress up as characters from Aladdin, and the floats were judged and then taken into the main ring.

After the winners of the float competition were announced, there was a huge water fight between all of the young farmers’ clubs as each float held huge containers of water.  It was a really hot day so this was great fun!

I’m now unpacking and repacking, and I’m off again on Sunday for a holiday with my family! You can’t say I’m not making the most of my time off before I start work in July!


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3 thoughts on “Work and play

  1. Wow sounds like you’re certainly keeping busy Mads! So glad you’re having fun and making the most of your ‘free’ time before July. Take care and enjoy every moment hon, you’ve earned it! :-)

    P.S. Those chicks are SO cute!!

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