Today I was visited by a V.I.L.P.

A Very Important Little Person.

We went for a picnic in Chatsworth Park.

Picnic time

I bought Mhairi a very special biscuit from the farm shop when I went to get the picnic, only she thought it was more fun to play with than eat….


She got the idea in the end!



Then we headed into Chatsworth Farmyard, and saw some real piggies and piglets! Mhairi was delighted that there was a pig called Peppa as Peppa Pig is her favourite character on CBeebies.  She named one of the piglets George (Peppa’s brother for those that aren’t that way educated!)


We also saw a rather funky chicken…


Then it was time for the Adventure Playground.  Oh my goodness. I have never seen anything so amazing in my life.  In fact, I might go back to the playground regularly to play on the climbing frame.  There is purposefully no age restrictions, so I see that as an open invitation to play!

Although the tractors were restricted to under six’s, the sign didn’t say anything about the space hoppers…


We just caught the end of the milk demonstration and Mhairi was very interested in where the milk came from, but unfortunately they had already finished milking.  I’ve promised her a trip to a proper dairy farm to show her!


And she was very happy with her Chatsworth lolly pop!!






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