Last time I posted I had been at Chatsworth for six weeks. Well, another six weeks later and summer is well and truly over, the nights are drawing in and the park is changing.

Leaves are starting to change colour and there’s often a mist that hangs around all day, but the biggest change I have noticed is in the deer herds. It’s getting towards rutting time and the deer seem to be behaving differently. They are a lot more active in moving around the park and rather than spending the evenings lying under the trees, they will be up and about. While the groups are remaining together, the males tend to be spread out under nearby trees rather than in the main group.

The estate is also inundated with some fine looking pheasant – a credit to the game keeper. There’s regularly several pheasant in the little garden behind my cottage. They come for the seed spilled off the bird feeders, but they also like the area behind the garden which is overgrown with brambles, but opens up onto the park. Perfect pheasant habitat.

The sad news of the death of Her Grace, the Dowager Duchess Deborah Devonshire made the news last week. The Dowager worked a long way into making Chatsworth what it is today, welcoming people to such a wonderful place.

I’ve been working towards my APC and the past few weeks I have been recording the work I am doing against different competencies. I’m really happy with the range of experience I am getting here. My lecturer from Harper Adams came to visit me last week and I told him I don’t think I will ever work in a nicer place. He said ‘No, you probably won’t’.

It’s good to know it’s downhill from here!

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One thought on “Seasons

  1. Fantastic to hear how well it’s going, and how beautiful the changes are in all flora and fauna. It sounds like you have sharp eyes and are getting a real education :) It’s only downhill if you don’t end up back there again, having impressed them this summer ;)

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