Around the garden

Today has been an absolute scorcher – pushing towards 30 degrees with tomorrow set to be even hotter.  To celebrate the fine weather and the last of my time at Chatsworth, we decided this morning to have a barbecue.

Between courses I took a wander around our little garden with my camera.

The side boarder

It’s very wild but I think it’s a thing of beauty.


Personally, the dog rose (below) is my favourite.  It reaches across the back of the garden, through the small oak tree and over the dry stone wall.  DSC_0054

It’s just such a beautiful flower that fills the garden.


Finally – the veg patch.  These raised beds haven’t seen veg in a while but they do have some beautiful flowers in them!  The flowers on the lupin seem to be just starting to come off but it still looks wonderful – and there are a few daisies and other flowers in there too.

Daisy and lupin
Daisy and lupin

And I’ll leave you with this to finish…




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