Something about a Spaniel

Since I’ve been home from Derbyshire I’ve taken over walking the dog on the days that mum’s at work (and some of the days she isn’t) and consequently have been spending quite a lot of time with this chappy.

Bramble in wood

He’s more than happy to pose for a photo (provided he gets a piece of gravy bone every time the shutter goes) and therefore he’s taken over from Chatsworth’s sheep and deer herds to be the subject of a lot of my photography.

He gets a lot of attention from people we see on walks, to whom he gives a cursory glance and trots on by.  They greet him like an old friend ‘Oh, hello! Look at you!’ but he really couldn’t be less bothered, unless they were waving a steak at him, then he might take notice!  It’s because there’s something about a spaniel, with their floppy ears and kind temperament.


One of our favourite walks circles a village close to town, and incorporates woodland, open fields and a pond to paddle in (we don’t chase sticks, we throw gravy bones into the water to be paddled too).

Below is the flying tree.



Of course, this sort of clowning around is only tolerated if there is a large supply of gravy bones. Otherwise, frankly, it’s not worth his effort to even think about it.


3 thoughts on “Something about a Spaniel

  1. Yay: the mighty Bramble! I see it often with spaniels: strangers go to make a fuss, but dogcis oblivious – only wants to run and sniff :)

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