Good Friday saw us setting off up Blencathra in what can only be described as the most perfect weather we could have asked for.

Pre-adventure selfie at Mungrisdale

The route we took was scrabbled together from a couple of websites and one of the Wainwright books. It was designed to take in Souther Fell, Blencathra, Mungrisdale Common, Bannerdale Crags and Bowscale Fell, however we cut out Mungrisdale Common because it seemed an unnecessary and not very exciting detour for the sake of bagging a Wainwright. We would probably have made the detour if we were trying to bag all of them, but really we just wanted a nice walk.

Looking east from Souther Fell

From Mungrisdale village we crossed the river using the footbridge at the south of the village, and headed up the east flank of Souther Fell. Quite steep and a bit of a slog to the top, but a far reaching view to the east towards Threkeld Common.

Blencathra from Souther Fell

Once we had reached the top of Souther Fell, the ascent seemed worth it and we could see across to Blencathra. We dropped down the end and picked up a footpath that ran around the side of Scales Fell, and up to Scales Tarn.

Scales Tarn

At Scales Tarn we stopped for a rest and a refuel, before taking the infamous Sharp Edge to the top of Blencathra.

On Sharp Edge

Sharp Edge was generally a fun scramble, with a couple of scary bits that were polished and exposed. Keeping moving and not thinking about it seemed the best option, and by the time we got to the final slab I was ready to get off, and tested my speed climbing abilities to get to the top!

Bannerdale Crags

The top of Blencathra was the perfect lunch spot before we headed back towards Sharp Edge, then took a left down the Blue Screes above Foule Crag and skirted Mungrisdale Common. We headed east to a summit above Bannerdale Crags, before walking above the Crags themselves to Bowscale Fell.

Looking back towards the summit above Bannerdale Crags

Bowscale Fell was the last summit of the day. There are two piles of stones marking the summit, and we visited both to make sure we really had go to the highest point!

Selfie on the final summit of the day – Bowscale Fell

From Bowscale Fell we headed down The Tongue back to Mungrisdale. We considered stopping for a drink at the pub, perfectly located next to the River Glenderamackin, but the call of a hot shower and a curry from our favourite takeaway was too strong, so we headed home. Maybe next time!

Walk length: Approximately 8 miles

Time taken: Approximately 5 hours

Map: OS Explorer OL5

Parking: £2 all day in Mungrisdale

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