Laugh, Kookaburra

Keeping up with the blog has failed completely miserably.  I think, now, that I’ll still write the rest of the Canada blog posts, but I’m going to do them in between other things.  Today I want to share some photos with you, that I’m very pleased with. My cousin runs a business with birds of […]

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I’ve been spending many, many hours sitting inside at the weekends, looking at the sunshine and fields full of tractors and cows, revising agricultural rent reviews and other such matters.  But there comes a time when my brain can only take so much of compulsory purchase compensation, and then the inevitable happens. As quick as […]

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A trip to the beach

The weather, having been rainy and windy for so long, finally broke.  And so we went to the beach. If there are two places I’m drawn to, it’s hills and beaches.  Today was no different and so we set off to Hoylake.  It’s not a beach I’ve visited before, but it is vast. Of course […]

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A Weekend of Adventures

After four weeks back at uni, being bombarded with dissertations and assignments and information about applying for jobs and all sorts of other Very Important and Scary Things, we went for a weekend away.  And oh, was it needed. I’d bought S a trip to ZipWorld Caverns for his birthday back in May, and we […]

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