Shelf Moor and Over-exposed Crash Site

Recently I’ve started walking with the Manchester and District (MAD) Walkers, a local 20s and 30s group of The Ramblers.  A few weeks ago I set off on a walk with them from Glossop.  It was absolutely stunning.  Snowy ground with dark gritstone  and peat glaring  through, giving a dappled landscape. Breath-taking. We climbed the Doctor’s Gate path […]

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Laugh, Kookaburra

Keeping up with the blog has failed completely miserably.  I think, now, that I’ll still write the rest of the Canada blog posts, but I’m going to do them in between other things.  Today I want to share some photos with you, that I’m very pleased with. My cousin runs a business with birds of […]

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I’ve been spending many, many hours sitting inside at the weekends, looking at the sunshine and fields full of tractors and cows, revising agricultural rent reviews and other such matters.  But there comes a time when my brain can only take so much of compulsory purchase compensation, and then the inevitable happens. As quick as […]

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The Beauty of Home

It’s reading week, so I’ve come home for a few days.  I spend an awful lot of time in Shropshire and Cheshire, but I can’t come home to Oxfordshire without photographing its beauty. The wind is back but the rain has held off for about a week now, and we even got a day of […]

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Around the garden

Today has been an absolute scorcher – pushing towards 30 degrees with tomorrow set to be even hotter.  To celebrate the fine weather and the last of my time at Chatsworth, we decided this morning to have a barbecue. Between courses I took a wander around our little garden with my camera. It’s very wild […]

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