Here comes the sun

Well, summer has well and truly arrived in the UK this week and it has been almost unbearably hot!

I haven’t been doing much schooling with Oscar since I got back from France (Still need to write the next blog for that), we’ve mainly been hacking and enjoying the sunshine! This is great because we hardly hacked at all before I went away because I was being a wimp, but hacking is what I missed most from riding Ellie, so I was determined to go for lots of hacks over the summer!


This is Oscar’s column on the board where we write when we ride and what we do, so we know how much the horses have done and when they need a day off

Oscar had a day off on Tuesday as it was so unbearably hot, and then I took him out by myself yesterday while Sheryl had a jumping lesson at Hurston Dressage & Eventing. I haven’t hacked out by myself in months but I needed to at some point and he hadn’t put a foot wrong the last three times I’d taken him out, so hacking it was. Either way, there was no way I was going to go in the school in this heat! We went out around a couple of fields and had a canter – we haven’t cantered out in months either – and Oscar was as good as gold: he really is lazy at heart! The ground around the farm varies massively so although the ground was firm where we were cantering, we also encountered a long stretch of muddy puddles! This meant Oscar’s legs needed a wash when we got back, and I washed off his saddle area too because he had sweated a bit.


Oscar drying off after his post-hack bath :)

In this weather it’s so hot that I really don’t feel like eating anything at lunchtime. Today I picked some raspberries off the canes in our garden and ate them, and some cherries that mum had bought too :) I’ll go to the yard later, but I’m not going in that school until it cools down a bit! Thankfully the weather is cooler today but I want to make the most the great hacking weather while it’s here. Hopefully the farmer will be able to get the crops in soon and we’ll have acres and acres of stubble to go galloping on! I haven’t really got much to do now – my life has gone from crazy, hectic, revising every second of the day, to lazing around, doing a bit of training with the dog and riding in the afternoons. I can’t start getting stuff ready for uni until my place has been confirmed after results day, which is in three weeks so everything crossed!

We’re going sailing this weekend though! :D About time I think! We were thinking of going in to Bembridge overnight but the tides are all wrong, so that will have to wait. We’ll just have to see where the wind takes us, and show of our sparkling white sails. :)

That’s all for now,

Maddi x



A great weekend with 6 months to go…

This weekend has been absolutely brilliant! Yesterday I spent a good hour just faffing about at the yard. I lifted a load of manky bedding from the bottom of Oscar’s bed and replaced it, groomed him loads, washed all his buckets, just the stuff you do everyday but took longer doing it! And it was beautiful sunshine, which made it even better! I was waiting for the school to be free because I’d heard the hunt out when I arrived, but when Sheryl arrived we decided that the hunt would be long gone so we went for a hack. We didn’t go very far and only had a plod, but it was nice to have a chat and a catch up. A bit of excitement was particularly muddy patch that we found, which Sovreign felt the need to jump out of. Oscar found this all very exciting! That reminds me, I must clean the mud off my tack – shhhh don’t tell Lorraine! We spent a while hosing off the ponies feet and I faffed around some more, fed Oscar and Jazz and went home :-) Bramble came with us on our hack which he thorougly enjoyed, he even jumped in a ditch and came out covered in blue mud (!) which had to be hosed off him too before he was allowed into the back of my car!

Today I went over to Horse Ability in the morning (see my seperate blog about that) and then rode in the afternoon. Oscar had been perfect letting me get on yesterday, so I was hopeful for today. ย He faffed around a bit but I put the skills I’d learnt in the morning to the test and backed him up the block, where he stood still and allowed me to get on. ย I schooled for a while and did lots of transitions and then we went for a hack to cool off. Oscar didn’t put a foot wrong on our hack, which is amazing. Because I did. ย There were 3 deer in the next field, which was seperated by a patchy hedge (not THE hedge, the one next to it ;) ) and I completely freaked! Lots of words were said to the deer, which cannot be repeated on this site. Sheryl now thinks I have terets (sp!?) which is triggered by deer. So there we go, Oscar had to put up with me saying to Sheryl, ‘go in front, no, to the side, a little bit faster, no not that fast, shhhh they’ll hear us and run! Ok now make noise to scare them away!’ whilst jabbing him with my feet and yanking on his mouth. And he plodded on good as gold. Didn’t even see the deer, funny that. So, anyway we survived and I have a very patient horse and friend! Very sweaty pony when I got back so I gave him a sponge off and put him to bed.

This weekend I was looking at dates of things, and realised in a week or two, it will be near on exactly six months until I go away to uni. It’s 12 weeks tomorrow until my first exam, I have 3 that week and one on the Friday after and then it will all be over. Then, at the end of September I’ll have to say goodbye to my beloved Oscar, pack up my riding gear once and for all and head up north for uni. I know this is going to be one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life, but I need to do it. It’s what I want and I’m just going to have to do it. Yes, it will be terrifying but hopefully it will also be one of the bets experiences of my life, and I’ll have ball. Who knows, I might even be able to ride a bit while I’m up there! So, if anyone is in the Newport area and has a pony that needs some love come September – or a dog needing cuddles – you know where I am!