Onto the next phase!

I have, after what feels like forever, finished my exams.  Some went better than others but I won’t know really until the results come out on 16th July so that’s all I am saying on the matter. Now – onto the next phase! As some of you may know I am doing a sandwich course. […]

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We have two group assignments this year; one is for Rural Professional Practice (RPP) and the other is for Farm Business Management (FBM).  The RPP assignment is sponsored by Smiths Gore, meaning that the ‘winning’ assignment team will get some money as a prize and win the award. We have a live case study – […]

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It started at 7 with vodka jelly babies. Hair curled, pinned up, let down and pinned somewhere else. Make-up applied. Dress on. Ready to go. Then there were pre-drinks. And flat parties. And schnapps and lemonade. And some sort of punch served out of a pineapple. And dancing. And dodgems. And Pimms. And swirling around […]


There’s a tent in my shower

It was in dying light and deteriorating weather conditions that we arrived in Waunfawr at the edge of Snowdon. Although we’d got stuck in almost standstill traffic on the A55 on the way over, it had been a pleasant drive along the north Wales coast and into the mountains. We pitched the tent and headed […]

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