Onto the next phase!

I have, after what feels like forever, finished my exams.  Some went better than others but I won’t know really until the results come out on 16th July so that’s all I am saying on the matter. Now – onto the next phase! As some of you may know I am doing a sandwich course. […]

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Exam stress: I miss my pony

I wanted to lie under a tree today and stare at the sky forever   I had my fourth exam this afternoon. It was a really tough, gritty exam which squeezed every last ounce of power from my brain. I tried my hardest and that is all I can do. Yesterday I sat and revised […]

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And we’re off..!

I’ve been very busy since I last posted – a combination of lots going on and lots coming up! For my birthday I took a few days off from revising for the bank holiday weekend at the start of May and went down to the boat with my parents and Stephen.  Steve had never been […]

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We have two group assignments this year; one is for Rural Professional Practice (RPP) and the other is for Farm Business Management (FBM).  The RPP assignment is sponsored by Smiths Gore, meaning that the ‘winning’ assignment team will get some money as a prize and win the award. We have a live case study – […]

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When I’m at home my hobbies are, as most of you’ll know, riding, sailing and generally spending time in the countryside, walking with the dog and beating for the syndicate shoot of which my dad is a member. But I no longer have a horse, my dog is at home and sailing isn’t something that’s […]